• “Best possible customer support service in the most efficient possible manner”

    As a global leader, Sarjen is dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their safety database. We understand the complexity of your business needs, and our Customer Support Service is committed to delivering fast problem resolution and customized programs to keep your business up and running smoothly and profitably.

    With our Technical support, we provide assistance to end users to help them solve specific Sarjen’s PvNET related problems —including short term training, or other support services. Our expert technical support is available over the telephone or e-mail or through our dedicated tool called ‘Mantis’, where users can log a call/incident.

    Basic software usage issues are easily addressed by our remote access support services wherein our experts take over the user’s machine for the sole purpose of troubleshooting and finding a solution to the problem; while more complicated problems may need to be dealt with in person.